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from the early days…
Poems of:
Sr Raymond Whyte (1859 – 1934)
Sr Alacoque Brien (1877 – 1953)

 The Silver Star

written by Sr Raymond Whyte

St Dominic’s Star! St Dominic’s “Veritas!”
Well has your girlish wisdom chosen both,
Dear children of our hearts! Oh, we were loth
That e’er your “Silver Star” should shine less bright
As through life’s devious ways, in storm and fight
Your young feet, older, wearier grown, shall pass.
Yet, if the “Veritas” still rule each life,
We shall not fear the issue of the strife.

God guard you, girls, and keep you pure and true!
God guide you each and all, or near or far!
Then shall we know that nought in life or death
Shall dim the lustre of your “Silver Star.”


(The above beautiful lines form the foreword of the “Silver Star”,
the first number of an Annual to be issued by the pupils
of the Convent of the Sacred Heart, King William’s Town, 1906 – Editor)