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Poems – Sr Claudette Bogner


by Claudette Bogner

Poems of:
Sr Claudette Bogner
 Visit to Umlamli

perhaps 1976?

Hidden between the mountains high,
in the last corner of the Transkei,
lies a fortress, powerful strong:
“Mountain of peace” in the people’s tongue.

Plenty of peace and quiet,
for those from far and tired,
fresh air, sunshine, L.T.C.,
except the roads do worry me.

Community life: “informal”,
outward appearance: “quite normal!,
family spirit stressed most of all,
joys and pains shared – great and small.

Provided is for all body need,
an “a la Pirm” does the trick indeed,
of course there is no chance for T.V.
for this we go to Zastron, you see.

Thanks for letting me BE with you,
happy I was and impressed, it’s true.
Perhaps I could live in a small community,
but then it would have to be in Umlamli.


Farewell Sisters Irmgard and Modesta 

4 May 1995

St Vincent is a Convent Fair,
here in Johannesburg,
the sisters for the deaf do care,
they teach and pray and work.

One nun was there for many years
Sister Irmgard is her name,
she taught the girls to sew (sometimes) with tears,
solve problems when they came.

The hostels too were in much need
of helpers day by day,
the chapel and the sacristy
were done in the right way.

Sister Modesta liked to be busy
in house and sewing room,
looked after father and would see
to visitors when they come.

St Joseph’s house was her great joy,
to have it shining bright,
to make the beds, put flowers mooi,
the welcome must be right.

Dear sisters, all the work is done,
its time to take a rest.
St Mary’s will be your new home.
We wish you all the best.
Sr Claudette Bogner

Something from Ireland


Where sea and sky meet
time and eternity greet
without a wall
and bridges tall
they join as one complete.Where ocean meets sky
calm and clarity stream by
my peaceful heart
all doubts depart
earth to air, no end no start
they please my roaming eye.

Green isle in the sea
splendour and tranquillity
God made this land
for us to stand
in awe of nature so grand
and thank your majesty.
(Sr C)

Farewell Sr Felicia Kraller

– 1993

When other people retire from ordinary activity
they enjoy a peaceful life, rest and serenity.
Sr Felicia cam to St Vincent at the age of 68
to help in the kitchen, early and late.

For 20 years, early and long before the rising sun
Felicia would get up to cook breakfast for everyone
and watch the clock so that in good time
she could ring the Getting up bell with a loud chime.

The many pots of soup you have cooked here
would surely fill the swimming pool, that is clear.
The many steps you have walked in the kitchen, up and down
would get you, if not further, as far as Cape Town.

Not only in the kitchen were you busy all day,
you showed concern for others in many a way,
looked out that the sisters came for their tea and cake,
that father gets his paper, your job you would make.

Someone had to look out that all the windows were closed,
that the lights are switched off and the chapel door locked,
that Funny Face got her meals and exercise every day
that after meals everything is tidied nicely away.

And so we could carry on and make a long list,
in short, Sr Felicia, you will be missed.
We thank you for your kindness and concern,
retirement, peace and quiet now is your turn.

We wish you a happy time at St Mary’s, next door
please pray for us, think of us and worry no more.
We pray for you and think of you too –
visit us sometimes and God bless you.

Sr Claudette Bogner