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Poems – Sr Katy van Wyk: 2. In the Stillness…


Poems of:
Sr Claudette Bogner
Sr Katy van Wyk: 2

Slowly, as night gives way to the glimmer of dawn
birds waken from their sleep – singing their
song in praise of a new day

Awaken me, O God,
to that which is asleep within
open my eyes
to see the breaking of dawn and the beauty of
Your creation
open my eyes
to see the pain in the eyes of the broken,
the hungry and the lonely
for whom this new day holds no praise,
no promise, no hope

With open hands, may I be open to graciously
give and receive
the gifts that awaits me
open my hands to give what I can…a loving touch,
an encouraging pat on the shoulder,
a meal prepared with love and care,
an e-mail or sms send
with thoughtful care and sensitivity

Awaken me to the sound and rhythm of my heart-beat,
to step in tune to the rhythm of
the new day, pacing myself to Your dance
Arouse my sleeping heart,
to feel what and whom I touch,
to feel what I see and to respond
to what you stir inside of me

Awaken me to the stirrings deep within
Which are from You and for You
Awaken me to life,
Your precious gift to me
Awaken me to the freshness of this new day,
to all its possibilities
the unpredictability of each new moment,
and to your many little and big surprises,
awaiting me through every encounter!


In the stillness you will know

God of life and love
Here in the stillness I wait…

I wait for a gentle awakening…
An awakening to all that lies deep within…

I wait for Your whisper…arise!
Arise and see the beauty within…
See My presence
Here and now

As I awaken, you are there,
waiting to welcome me with outstretched arms…
waiting to draw me into the stillness
for here is where my strength lies
here is where I can listen to and hear your voice
here is where I can hear the sounds of my own heart

Come, God of life, draw me into the stillness
Where I can hear the songs and lamentations
of my neighbour – and of the earth

Give me the courage to move out into the market place
And back into the stillness, where I will know who I am
And where I will know
Who You Are!


To be with what Is

To be with what is
is to be still…
to be present…
to be conscious…
to be fully in the moment,
for this is all you have right now

To be with what is
is to let the pain, the suffering and the darkness,
be what it is
and just be still in its presence
for this too, will pass

To be with what is
is to let love and laughter and light
fill your entire being,
enjoying the moment, a sheer gift
for this too will pass

To be with what is
is to be open,
to let healing energy flow in and through you
transforming you and letting you become
an agent of transformation
for this is grace

To be with what is,
is to let your heart become a container for life’s colourful moments
gazing at them with love-filled eyes
grateful for the growth and wholeness they brought along

To be with what is
Is to be still
and know that
God Is


Be still… wait… expect

Be still and know
I Am
I am in the roaring thunder
I am in the gentle rain
I am in the rolling waves
I am in the stillness of a quiet, tranquil lake
I am everywhere…in the past…
in the future…in the present
I Am Here

Be still and wait
Wait in the silence for what will be revealed
Wait for My Word to become flesh in your being
Wait for me to tell you:
“this is the way, follow it”

Be still and expect
Expect My blessings
Expect My Will to be done in and through you
Expect to be moved by the pain… the hunger…
the suffering… the despair and the loneliness around you
Expect Me not to leave you in your comfort zone
Expect Me to move in you and with you,
through the situations I place before you
Expect Me to surprise you!

Be still and know
I Am!


The Silence Between

Between the silence of the tomb
And the silence of the Resurrection lies
The Great Silence

Herein lies the silence of waiting
The silence pregnant with possibility,
with passion

Here in the Great Silence
Where it is dark and still
Here The One enters the Deep Sleep
That allows Him to cross over life and death and beyond
the spaces between the silences

Here I am called to pause…to ponder…
to pay attention…to what has been, to what is
as I meander through the valleys
and hills of my soul’s landscape
As I wait for the Dawn of a new day…
For the One giving birth to new life,
to hope,
and to a radically new awakening


Drawn to the Centre

Each moment of our lives
We are drawn to the centre
Here it is that we awaken to our life’s purpose

Deeper and deeper we are drawn
to this unfolding

The invitation comes
sometimes gently…other times
in the quiet beauty of the sunrise and sunset
at times in the violent energy of a thunderstorm
then again – it may come through the written word of
Holy Scripture or some other inspired text

At other times, the invitation comes through people
through the spontaneous laughter of a child
or through the pain and sadness of a mother
who’s just lost her new-born baby.
It comes through the enthusiasm and diligence
of someone who, finally, after a long period
of unemployment, ended up in a new job

Each moment of our lives
these invitations come – for us to pause – to reflect
to go deeper, down to our centre
where we are drawn and met by the very
One who is our Centre