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Poems – Sr Katy van Wyk: 4. In Praise of One…


Poems of:
Sr Claudette Bogner
Sr Katy van Wyk

What will we find beyond the horizon?
The same as that which precedes it

Beyond birth is the fullness of life
in all its mystery and complexity

Beyond death lies all life
which has to die in order to become

Beyond the seed lies the flower, the fruit,
the tree, the human

Beyond time is the timelessness of being
lost in the moment – the eternal now

Beyond the sun, the stars, the moon
beyond the galaxies, planets, dark holes
beyond ley lines, dark matter and morphogenic fields
beyond our expanding
Universe lays the mystery and the silence

Beyond the Mystery and the Silence
Is God
Whose very breath holds everything in balance
Whose Silence will speak to all
who will hear – even the rocks!

Beyond the Mystery is the
Divine Energy
pulsating through all that is…
creating… recreating…renewing…
in the rhythmic cycle of life.


Dance me to you

Divine One
Dance me to You
Play the music and
Dance me to You

Divine One
Be the Music
And let me feel the rhythm
vibrate in my being
Dance me to life

Divine One
Source of all goodness
pluck on my heart strings
and let me feel the music resonate within me

Dance with me
through the joys and abundant gifts,
through the questions and the doubts
Dance in me
in the cosy, comfortable corner
I create round me through fear and uncertainty
Dance me to stillness
when my heart and mind hurries and scurries along

Dance me to life
Breathe energy, passion and desire into my dry bones
Scoop me up into Your arms
Spin me round and hold me close
Will me to hear the Music
to become one with it
that the Music and Dance becomes me
and I become the Music and the Dance

Divine One
Dance me to You


Naming the Nameless One

God with so many names
And no name at all

We name you for our own sake
We name you so we can relate to you
We name you so we can pray

You are called Alpha – the beginning
And you are called
Eternal – One with no beginning

You are called Omega – the last
You are called I AM
One ever present in the now

You are called Creator
One who breathed life into all

You are called Lover
You who cause us to fall in love with you

You are called Beloved
You whose love we reflect when we stay close to you

You are called Mystery,
In your presence we can only stand in awe

You are called Energy, the force
Behind every living thing

You are called Light
You in whom there is no darkness

You are called Source of all being
You alone are God


Psalm of Thanksgiving

God, Source and Lover of all that is good
Thank you for your many blessings…
For the gift of family, friends and companions
For a home, good food and music
For feelings, thoughts, and insights
And a body through which to experience them

Thank you for the gift of water,
For wells and fountains and springs,
which not only cleanses my body and quenches my thirst
but pouring in and flowing out from your spring deep within me
brings me closer to you, myself and others

God of all that is beautiful
Thank you for the beauty around me
For birds that sing your praises as they announce each new day
Thank you for rainbows, your love letter to me
Reminding me of your covenant, giving me hope

Sophia, Wisdom of God, present at God’s every creative word
Thank you for creation…
The magnificence of the ocean,
blowing out sparkling kisses on the water
Thank you for steady rocks and warm soft sand on which to rest
Thank you for the wind that dances to its’ own music,
grabbing hold of your tall trees and chubby shrubs
Thank you for the shy, sandy crabs,
playing hide-and-seek in their little holes on the beach
For flowers and butterflies in their array of colour.

God of all time
Thank you for the gift of dreams,
For speaking to me through them
and for keeping an ever watchful eye over me while I sleep
Thank you for all the possibilities that lie deep within

Sophia, God of all that is
Thank you for clowns who make us laugh and celebrate life
Thank you for pain and sadness that
draw us back into your consoling arms
Thank you for children at rest and at play,
trusting completely in the present moment

Thank you for all the people, events and
experiences that have shaped my life
And may my prayer always be “thank you”

In Praise

Drawn to the centre of my being
I take off my shoes and stand in awe
Of the wonder of my being
And of my becoming,
And I give thanks

I stand on the beach
Marvelling at the expanse of water
stretching out before me
Further and beyond where my eyes can see,
Reminding me of Your Greatness
I watch the waves, leaping, racing, rolling, rushing, colliding
As they make their way to the shore
Only to be drawn back again

I praise and thank you
For ear-aches and head-aches
Sore throat and sore limbs
Bringing my attention back to my body
And to the need to slow down
and take care

I thank you for the absolute stillness
of the night
When with heightened sensitivity,
I hear Your breathing
in the wind and the waves
I feel Your presence as you pass by
to comfort, to console, to watch over
The lonely, the dying,
those unable to sleep
because of excruciating pain or despair

I thank you for the gift of life
– babies born
piercing through the stillness
with their shocked cry

Praise to You, God of wonder
For chirping birds
frolicking in the bird bath
For chattering monkeys at play in the trees
For growth in unexpected places
And thank you for the gift of sight
To behold such wonders

Thank you for silence and solitude
For the questions and concerns
The longings and desires
the joys and contentment
the dreams and possibilities
that well up deep inside

Thank you for those graced moments and
the invitation to go deeper
to gaze
to just be
to take a long, loving look at my reality
at who You are and letting
You tell me who I am

Thank you for your word in scripture
Speaking to me of your faithful love to people back then
And reminding me of this same
unconditional love now.


They saw the Star as it rose

They saw the star as it rose
Curious, intrigued and awe-struck
They saw the star as a call to get up,
To set out on the journey and
To move towards it

Awake and alert, hearts quickening
Eyes still set on the star
Excited… joyful… hopeful… expectant
In the silence of the night, they moved on

They moved on in the direction of the beckoning star
Their treasures clutched to their chests
Knowing the star was drawing them on towards
The Promised One

Then the star hovered over the place
Drawn in by the radiant light, they found them
They saw The Child and knew
He is the King as they prostrated themselves and laid before Him
Their gifts of gold

They knew He was the One to be worshipped
As they knelt down and the fragrant scent of
Frankincense filled the atmosphere

As they laid the myrrh on the Child’s chest
They knew that healing would flow from his heart
Bringing transformation, reconciliation, forgiveness
Wholeness, peace and joy,
To all who would be open to this anointing.